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Aquatica HD Wave

For Sony HDR-XR550/CX550 & Pro HXR-MC50 camcorders

Aquatica Digital has been providing for both the recreational and professional diver high quality underwater photographic systems for over 25 years. Given their tremendous expertise in designing & manufacturing underwater photographic equipment, they are proud to introduce the new “HD WAVE”, their High Definition Video Housing for the Sony HDR-XR550/CX550 & Pro HXR-MC50 camcorders.

Built with the same high quality solid aluminum construction as their digital SLR housings, no compromise was taken to create the New “HD WAVE” Video Housing. Keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance, its compact design makes the unit extremely user friendly.

Our engineers worked very hard on its design, giving a 30° viewing angle on the large side LCD viewfinder for optimal filming capabilities. Giving access to most all key camcorder functions, including the critical Manual White balance function; it will give users the ability to create the best possible HD video underwater.


Marine grade solid aluminum construction

30˚ angled large 3.5" LCD viewfinder for easy viewing

Reliable all-mechanical controls to all key camcorder functions, including touch screen "Manual White Balance"

Wide angle port with macro capabilities, a multi-purpose performance lens giving about 90˚FOV with full zoom through, up to 15" from subject.

Internal flip filter arm with UR Pro blue water color correction filter

Sensitive hydrophone to capture clear underwater sound

Water sensor alarm with blinking LED

Bayonet mounted lens system with lock

Auxiliary port to connect external accessories

Dual grip system including light mounts for TLC arms

2 large secure lockable stainless steel latches

Compact & light weight for easy travelling - only 6.5 lbs dry weight

Technical Data

Depth rating: 300 feet/90 metres

Construction: Marine grade solid aluminum.
Fully anodized with a hard coat of polyurethane paint.
All hardware is marine grade aluminum & stainless steel.

Excellent underwater balance - neutrally buoyant in seawater.

17.7cm D x 12.2cm H x 24cm W (37cm with handles)

Weight: 6.5lbs/2.95kg fully loaded w/camera battery and lens.