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Aquatica D7000 Housing


The Nikon D7000, with its 1080P video, extraordinary low light performance and ability to render highlights with excellent detail, is primed to become a major hit among underwater seeking top quality at an affordable price.

Nikon has taken advantage of recent advances in technology and produced an excellent tool for underwater imaging – The D7000. In addition to now having 1080P video resolution, the camera has continuous AF in video mode, which had long been a major issue with DSLRs. For these features and others, it's clear to see why this camera will soon be a standard setter in underwater photography, and also explains why Aquatica wanted to take the extra time and come up with a high quality and well thought out housing for this camera.

The housing is made from carefully selected aircraft grade aluminum alloy and premium grade stainless steel. It is machined on the latest 5 axis computer assisted machines available, and is protected by anodizing it to North American military specification. While anodizing will protect the housing from the environment, it will fade and discolor if left exposed to the elements, and so for further protection, Aquatica provides corrosion inhibiting zinc anodes as standard equipment and coats their housings with a baked on, tough as nails, powder coating. This extra level of protection makes a huge difference, as exemplified by Aquatica housings with over 1,500 dives on them that still look as fresh as the day they came out of the box.

Everything made by Aquatica is given the same care and attention to detail that is commonly seen in the aircraft industry, which surrounds our offices. Precise shaping is achieved through laser cutting tools, all controls shafts are double O-ring sealed, all push buttonshave Quad-ring seals, and every shaft and push button are manufactured to a mirror smooth surface that meets strictest standards. All of this is done to achieve the standard 300ft/90 meter (and upgradeable depth rating of 425ft/130m) depth rating assigned to all our housings.

Even if the Aquatica AD7000 housing benefits from the latest tooling and technological advances, we at Aquatica fully understand that wisdom and knowledge comes from both our own experience and from those who influence us – underwater photographers. We are always listening to the requirements of the underwater photographers, and in the end, blend in their vision with ours. As a result, this housing was thoughtfully designed to be uncluttered by allowing easy access to the controls in both the warmest and coldest of diving environment. The rear button array on the left hand side is angled at 15 degrees for ease of access, and the Multi Controller assembly has been redesigned to feel more natural. This very important control is normally accessed via 4 individual buttons on other housings, but on the Aquatica AD7000 this pad is relocated and replicates the one found on the camera body, giving the user a more intuitive feel when going through menus or when reviewing images in conjunction with the quick access oversized review button.

No matter what the diving conditions are, you remain in control of the situation with the Aquatica AD7000. The thickest of cold water gloves or the smallest of bare hands will not be hindered by the layout. All functions are identified with pad printed paint for quick visual identification and to eliminate the frustration of searching for relocated controls.

Dual optical strobe connectors come standard with the housing, and can fit all popular optical cords on the market. Connecting any S-TTL strobe on the market is a breeze and will give spot on TTL exposure via the cameras built in flash circuitry. Even with the extremely compact size of this housing, Aquatica has managed to build in a quick access, one finger operated, internal flash control lever that brings the camera built-in flash up and down. This allows for quickly alternating between strobe illuminated and ambient light photography.

For users of more classic strobe connectivity or those that prefer electrically connected TTL converters, the housing can easily be provided with, or even field converted to, either a classic Nikonos type connector, Ikelite connectoror S6 type connector at the user’s request. All in all the Aquatica AD7000, like the rest of its siblings, offers you the broadest range of strobes connections in the industry.

Handling is via a pair of molded grips that have been the benchmark for comfort for the last 25 years. Theses lightweight grip handles are made in one piece and cannot become unglued, fall apart, or corrode. Both grips are provided with mounting holes ready to accept the most current strobes and their supporting arms.The housing body has an extra mounting point for a focus/video light or other accessories, and 3 mounting points are provided under for various brackets for a tripod.

Aquatica housings have been standard with a lens release for a long time now, and this time around we used a revolutionary approach for securing and releasing the ports and lenses– one multifunction lever. One lever is now used for locking/unlocking the port in place and also to disengage and move the pinion gear out of the way to let the camera and lens (with its gear attached) slide out of the housing effortlessly. Disengaging the pinion gear is also helpful when one wishes to alternate between AF and Manual focus on some prime lenses. Lastly, just pushing down the external lever will engage the lens release button and allow for lens swapping without having to remove the camera from the housing.

Viewing on the Aquatica AD7000 is through a Galileo type eyepiece. This high quality coated optical finder gives a bright and full view of the camera’s viewfinder. For those seeking the ultimate viewing experience, the optional Aqua View Finder, among the best in the industry, can easily be mounted by the user in a matter of minutes.The Aqua View Finder provides an enlarged and enhanced image that is second to none in clarity, giving the photographer tack sharp, corner to corner enhanced viewing of the camera’s viewfinder. Viewing precision is essential for critical focusing and composing award winning images. The Aqua View also incorporates an internally adjustable and lockable dioptric adjustment.


Moisture Alarm: included with the housing is a factory installed moisture detector. This alarm operates with a popular CR 2032 battery and gives both a visual signal via a red LED and an audio one with the integrated high frequency piezzo electric buzzer.

Optical Fiber Strobe Connections: Options include optical ports for both Sea & Sea ® or INON ® type connectors, as well as, traditional methods of connecting strobes via the Nikonos ® or Ikelite ® standard connectors. In essence, as far as underwater strobe connectivity, this housing is the most flexible in the industry.

Internal camera flash access: A flip lever on the housing is provided to release the flash tothe up position and to shut it back down. This allows the user to quickly shutdown the internal flash for ambient light images and easily return to flash photography with the flip of a lever.

Bayonet Port: A positive four point bayonet mounting and a locking mechanism leaves no doubt that your ports are secured in place and are water tight. The bayonet system dome ports, macro ports, and extension rings offer the fastest and most comprehensive access to the lenses for rapid changing without having to remove the camera from the housing. This housing allows use of lenses from a 10mm/180 degrees fisheye lens to a 200mm macro lens. Teleconverter port extensions are also available.

Controls & Menus: The housing provides access to all the camera menus and video controls including On-Off, Live View mode, Record On/Off, ISO lever, Exposure Mode, Bracketing, Meter positioning and focus control, and AF activation and lock. Access to all of the menu’s features include enlarge and delete, histogram and internal SLR preferences, and a quick access and conveniently angled review button. Buttons on the left hand side have been angled 20 degrees and are extended where necessary for better ergonomics. Knobs are now grooved and knurled for optimum operation when wearing thick gloves and the multi controller pad of the camera has been reproduced for faster and easier handling.

Hydrophone: The housing is equipped with a unique hydrophone for recording ambient sound underwater when shooting in the video mode.

Lens / Port Release multifunction lever (NEW): A new type of multifunction lever is introduced on the AD7000 housing that allows for easy locking/unlocking of the port, gives access to lens changing through the front port with the camera installed, and retracts the Focus / Zoom control internal pinion gear. This new retractable mechanism now allows the gear rack to be pulled out of the way, making easy work of inserting and removing the camera witha lens even when a gear is attached to it.

Viewing Eye Piece: The most critical aspect of underwater SLR photography is the viewing system. In this aspect our housing uses a viewfinder that shows the biggest and the brightest image possible with full frame view. An accessory Aqua View Finder is also available, giving the user unparalleled viewing of the camera's viewfinder for sharp focusing and exact composition.


Depth rating: 300 feet/90 meters (upgradeable on request to 425ft/130 meters)

Precision machined from a single aluminum block.

Fully anodized to military specifications and coated with robust wear resistant coating.

All function labels are pad printed to prevent peeling off or fading.

Accurate ergonomic design and excellent underwater balance - all controls including the video activating controls are within easy reach.

The housing is supplied with replaceable sacrificial anodes to protect the housing from electrolysis.

The Aquatica AD 7000 is a very compact and lightweight housing at just 345mm / 13.5” (with grip attached) wide, 180mm / 7” (including optical bulkhead) tall, and a mere of 152mm / 6” thick. The production model should tip the scale without the camera at less than 2.75 kg / 6lb


The recommended servicing procedures of the products are outlined in the manuals supplied with the product. The outside of the housings and the accessories should be rinsed in fresh water after every dive.

The handles should be removed after use otherwise if they remain attached to the housing for any length of time they may bind to the housing and be extremely difficult to remove. We suggest that the main O rings be lubricated regularly and all of the O rings be checked annually.


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