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LED800The Aqua LED 800 Video & Focus light is a self contained powerful light of 800 Lumens powered by two easily replaceable and rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. Its powerful wide and soft beam is ideal as a video light and can be dimmed at the push of a single button when used as a focusing light. Four different power setting are provided: 20, 180, 360 & 800 lumens; its consumption is so good that it will run for two continuous days on its low power setting.

It's simple design allows for quick battery swapping, two standard 18650 Lithium 3000 MAH batteries (included) inserted in a separate tray. Protection is provided against voltage, current and temperature overload and against low voltage drainage. It provides a constant output over the batteries voltage range and its linear circuit design means there will be no flickering.

LED800Contained in a rugged, but elegantly, machined aluminum housing, the Aqua LED 800 is equipped with a soft flood type reflector that will give 90 degrees of beam coverage through its 12 Watts LED for up to 100 minutes at the full power setting - this is twice the output of a 10 watt HID light.

The Aqua LED 800 is compact with a 50mm (2") diameter and a length of only 135mm (5.3”), it tips the scale at 345g (.75 lb) top side and a mere 135g (0.29lb) underwater. The underside it is equipped with a ¼”-20 threaded hole that is ready to accept a TLC ball for mounting on any standard arm system.

The Aqua LED 800 brings light to the already extensive line of underwater lighting supports and accessories from Technical Lighting Control.

Key Features

  • Self powered compact design
  • Four easily-selectable output levels (20 lm, 180 lm, 360 lm & 900 lm)
  • Will run over 2 days continuously on lowest power setting
  • Truly LINEAR circuit design, no flickering
  • Maintains output level at all battery voltages (will not dim)
  • Overvoltage, over current, over temperature & battery under voltage protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Single button control
  • Separate battery tray for no down time
  • Uses 2 x 18650 standard Lithium-ion batteries


  • Lumens: 900
  • Color Temperature: 6300 Kelvin
  • Run Time: 100 minutes on maximum power setting (with 3000 mAH batteries)
  • Light Source: 12Watt single LED
  • Beam Pattern: 90 degree flood
  • Weight: On land 345g /in water 135g with batteries
  • Charge time: 4-10 hours
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 Lithium-ion cells
  • LED Life: 50,000 hours
  • Dimensions (outer diameter x length): 2"(50mm) x 5.3"(135mm)
  • Mount 1/4"- 20 threaded hole